Eagles Nest Montessori offers you and your child an authentic Montessori program. We know that children like to both work and play. Our comprehensive program allows your child to do both. Through our program, your child will gain the knowledge and understanding of many different subjects which allows the whole child to grow and develop.

Our Mission Statement

Eagles Nest Montessori is committed to fully educating all students to the best of their abilities. From the time your children enroll until the last day of school, they will be prepared to succeed in the immediate and long-range future.

Believing this together, the parents, the community, and the school accept the responsibility of:


  • Developing the child entirely; emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially
  • Providing a clean, safe, and positive learning environment
  • Preserving and enhancing the child’s dignity and self-esteem; earning and receiving respect from every student
  • Teaching students to accept responsibility for their learning and actions

Eagles Nest Montessori is completely dedicated to the future development of every child in mind and body. We take pleasure in satisfying a child’s need to understand, to achieve, to feel secure, and most of all to feel loved.

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