Our Future

futureOur 2015 plan is to expand our current business operation to a multi-level school that will focus on the family, from infancy to high school preparing them for college.

Current research shows that experiences in the first 1000 days of life alter the architecture of a child’s brain in ways that permanently affect their health, learning and development. The early childhood years provide the foundation for life skills that are crucial to success in later life. As part of our commitment to ensure that children get the proper foundational support they need to succeed in life and school, we will have a two pronged approach to their success. The two fundamental principles will be to start early in their lives (at birth) and create a critical mass of positive nurturing adults and services around them at various levels who understand what it takes to help positively develop children and allow their families to succeed.

Eagles Nest Montessori “The Nest” will be an onsite campus in Oakland County, Mi. that offer services with a family-focused environment of counseling, education, advocacy, health and referral service to aid youth, to preserve and support their learning and life skills, beginning with the Montessori style of teaching. This model allows children to learn at their own place while allowing them to master skills and build confidence towards achieving higher learning goals. Our teachers and support staff will be compensated with a considerable salary and benefits so that they will be held accountable for execution of services rendered. We will have a comprehensive evaluation and tracking process to monitor progress and trends to make necessary corrections during the entire maturation of development.

Our model is derived from our own program’s past 16 years of successes along with several proven successful programs around the country including but not limited to: “The Harlem Zone Project”, “The Equity Project”’ and “HYPE Athletics”. Our ultimate goal will be to tie all three proven programs under one campus location to create “The Nest”

The current fabric of our society in the Metropolitan Detroit and surrounding areas has created a sense of panic. Our kids ages 9 to 17 are being killed and incarcerated in adult correctional facilities at alarming numbers. There are more children being born with developmental and cognitive learning disabilities than ever before. The poverty rate in our communities is above the national average as well. At Eagles Nest Montessori “The Nest”, to further meet the needs of our local youth and

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