Our Future

4 communities, we will include these programs but not limited to tutoring, programs for youth who need career development as well as parenting skills, life skills training, group mentoring, substance abuse education, anger management training, counseling programs, speech and language, mental health treatment, performing arts, various athletic and extra-curricular activities. Family support services and outreach programs will be a main component of the “Nest”. Our goal is to minister to the “whole” child while impacting the family unit. This approach will impact our society at the root of its current problem as a whole, addressing high crime rate amongst youths and poverty to name a few. One of the focal points is to foster a loving environment away from their home situation, expose them to greater expectations and a natural mentoring platform of integration with families in positive functional situations. Also providing them with the services and information needed to become self-sufficient successful.

Our customer base will be infants, kids, youths and young adults and we will market to them with the following techniques: from our local and surrounding communities, churches, previous alumni, friends, family, social media, newspaper, hospitals and word of mouth. Our model will allow children from an urban setting to be removed from their current environment while exposing them to a more functional family unit and lifestyle including a different mindset and training. Statistical research has shown that poverty riddled children respond different and adapts to change more positively when placed in a culture that’s positively challenging and different from that which they reside daily. Children want to be directed and given positive reinforcement for success to feel as if they belong. Families will gain a positive sense of ownership and responsibility to their community and society as a whole when they have successful steps along this process. Thus, a strong sense of pride and integrity will surface and change the dynamics of today’s trends. We all have a responsibility to restore that which has left us, the family unit and values. Our children and families of Southeastern Mi are crying out for our support. If not addressed immediately, these eroding behaviors will seep out into the surrounding communities into our entire State of Mi and impact us entirely. The time is now!

With all, to all, in all things we give God honor and glory for His purpose in Eagles Nest. Our mission is great, however with many “Partners” and supporters we can make a difference one child at a time. Our future generation of leaders is depending on us to impact them positively.

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