(Parent Testimonies over the years)

Eagles Nest Montessori provides an excellent environment for children to grow and soar beyond your expectations. Mrs. Kathy and her staff create a nurturing, safe, loving environment. My oldest daughter attended Eagles Nest for three years and over that time her growth was truly amazing. She not only excelled academically but also spiritually and in maturity. Her time at Eagles Nest has been invaluable and the rewards will surely continue throughout her academic career. My younger daughter has been in the program for one year. At only three and a half, she is very articulate and recites scriptures! If you are looking for a rigorous curriculum in a loving, Christ-centered environment, Eagles Nest is the school for your child!
—Submitted by a parent

Eagles Nest Montessori is a stellar school! I have loved every minute of my child being a student there. I believe that she has benefitted immensely from attending the school and being exposed to such caring and committed staff. There is no one like Mrs. Kathy and she truly has an anointing for imparting educational excellence and positive spiritual influence in the lives of kids. At Eagles Nest there is a warm family atmosphere where education, safety, and spiritual development are all priorities in every student’s journey there. Mrs. Kathy and her staff genuinely care about each child and they put their needs first. They also care about the families of each child and make the educational experience a real partnership. Kids really do soar at Eagles Nest and I believe that my daughter has received a stellar education there and will benefit greatly for years to come because she was and will always be a part of the Eagles Nest Family!
—Submitted by a parent

Pre-school and Kindergarten are the most important years of a successful educational career for children. In order to get children off to the best start, a teacher must be encouraging and motivating, part-mom and part-educator, and be able to get each and every child to feel like his/her education is the most important thing in the world to the teacher. Eagles Nest Montessori does this and MORE! The teaching staff is doing a superb job with the children that attend there. For (these kids), a full day of school is tiring and challenging, yet I see a classroom of happy, confident children exit ENM each time. ENM teaching staff is a group of loving, patient, and a spiritual filled group. Both my daughters have attended ENM over a span of six years. If ENM expanded to elementary school, I would be the first to sign up! ENM prepared my oldest daughter for first grade with a third grade reading level.
Both my daughters can recite over 25 biblical verses. My oldest daughter can spell, add and subtract without use of her fingers. They both have learned social and leadership skills. EXCELLENT SCHOOL!
—Submitted by a parent

My daughter was a student at ENM for 4 years and I wish they had higher grades because that’s where I would want her to stay for the rest of her elementary education. I have nothing negative to say about this school. The environment is so loving. When you are in there it feels like family. They have exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with the level my daughter is at and how ENM helped her get there. Best School Ever!

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