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Current research shows that experiences in the first 1000 days of life alter the architecture of a child’s brain in ways that permanently affect their health, learning and development. The Montessori teaching methods helps children to discover their own dignity in the midst of our imperfections and personal limitations.

Eagles Nest Montessori co-founded in 1999 by us, has provided not only our own kids but many children an early childhood foundation of life skills crucial to success for continuing education and life. Our first two graduating kindergarten classes of student are all currently enrolled in a college or post-secondary learning institution. We are currently at a 100 % rate of success. Having this in mind, we instill a solid learning foundation so that the children began performing academically at an extremely high level early in their young lives. Thus, propelling them to success and having a desire to want to learn more.

The Montessori teaching method founded by Dr. Maria Montessori was always intended to create conditions in which children, even children whose lives had been impoverished with all crime, drugs and violence, can develop their full, unique potentials.

The current fabric of our society in Metropolitan Detroit and surrounding areas has created a sense of panic and opportunity. Our kids ages 9 to 17 are being killed and incarcerated in adult correctional facilities at alarming numbers.

• We are leading the Nation per capita in crime and violence.
• The family structure and value system has been eroded from our communities.

• The current educational system is failing our children and the high school dropout rate is above the national standards.

• Gang affiliation, violent crime and the homicide rate are at record numbers.

• There are more children being born with developmental and cognitive learning disabilities than ever before.

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