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General Information

Our curriculum is an academic one, consisting of activities in practical life, sensorial experiences, language, mathematics, science, and geography. Montessori training involves a carefully prepared environment, which allows the child to test his/her understanding through the use of materials designed to be self-correcting. This promotes a feeling of success, which improves the child’s self-image and encourages a love for learning. You as the parent are the child’s first and most important educator, so your involvement would count for more than you know. The more you understand and complement the Montessori philosophy at home, the more your child will gain. There are many books written by and about Maria Montessori available in the public library.


Tuition is based on the school year, and may be broken down into installments for your convenience. Total tuition is due regardless of absenteeism, vacations, holidays, etc. (No exceptions will be allowed). A registration fee of $125.00 along with the first full month’s tuition is due at registration. For detailed information regarding tuition cost, please contact us at (248) 559-0726.For your convenience, your tuition payment plan may be broken down as follows:

  • Bi-weekly with a two day grace period. Payments due 1st and 15th of the month (1-2 grace)
  • Monthly with a three day grace period. Payments due 1st of every month (3 day grace) Please notify the school at the time of registration of which payment plan you choose that best fit your needs.

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