our-schoolModern research shows that the first 1000 days of a child’s life is the most critical. For this reason Eagles Nest Montessori is committed to shaping children from infancy to Kindergarten. Recent brain research studies confirm that children learn best through choices and play-like activities. Children also learn best at their own pace, in a way that they enjoy. That’s why Eagles Nest Montessori provides children with hundreds of choices each day so that he/she will continue to enjoy learning while having fun. We believe it’s important for children to develop with themselves a lifetime love of learning.

At Eagles Nest, our classroom is an exciting place for your child to be! Our shelves are filled with many interesting and beautiful materials that provide your child with fun and stimulating activities that nature his/her excitement and curiosity. Because the classroom is well organized, all the materials are visible and accessible to the children.

At Eagles Nest, children have opportunities to do things they see their parents do at home. They will prepare food such as grating carrots, squeezing oranges or slicing apples. They will do carpentry such as hammering, nailing or sawing. They learn to tie shoes, work a zipper and snap buttons. They will listen to music, sing, dance and learn about musical instruments. They can learn to count and make words. They will look at books about all the wonderful things in the world around them. They can run, climb, play games and have fun with their friends. Their options will be endless.

At Eagles Nest Montessori, we offer you and your child an authentic Montessori program. We know that children like to both work and play. Our comprehensive program allows your child to do both. Through our program, your child will gain the knowledge and understanding of many different subjects which allows the whole child to grow and develop.

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