“A child is motivated at this age and with the right environment will remain so as he grows”.


Over a century ago, an educator, writer, lecturer and medical doctor by the name of Maria Montessori (1870-1952) developed a new approach for educating and nurturing young children. As the first woman medical doctor in Italy, Dr. Montessori became very involved in the care and education of young children. Through her observations and teaching, she concluded that every child is an individual learner and should be encouraged to work at their own pace on projects the initiate themselves. She believed that educating children was a way to create a better society. Her philosophy worked from the basic premise that children learn better when they are given the opportunity to choose and discover in their own way.

This method of teaching started in Italy where Dr. Montessori lived. It continued to gain popularity throughout Europe in the early 1900s and today is practiced all over the world. Maria Montessori was a genius before her time. She believed a child’s mind from birth to six years was different from adults. She concluded that children effortlessly soak in everything in their culture and environment. She saw a tremendous need for children to have respectful, stimulating, nurturing and meaningful direction and guidance during what she called the “absorbent mind stage.

Today, over a century later, modern scientists are finding scientific data to support her discoveries. Recent brain research studies confirm that children learn best through choices and play-like activities. Children also learn best at their own pace, in a way that they enjoy. That’s why Eagles Nest Montessori provides children with hundreds of choices each day so that he/she will continue to enjoy learning while having fun. We believe it’s important for children to develop with themselves a lifetime love of learning.

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