Large wooden puzzle maps are among the most popular activities in the classroom. At first, the children use the maps simply as a puzzle. Gradually, they learn the names of the states, countries, the climate and products of different countries.

Cultural Awareness
The children gain an awareness of the world around them by exploring other countries, their customs, food, music, climate, language, and animals.

Cooking and Nutrition
The children study the four basic food groups and learn what their bodies need to be healthy. Different meals are experienced that revolve around their studies of different countries.

Arts and Crafts
Art in the preschool and kindergarten environment strives to maintain the joy a child finds in creating something of his/her own. Children have the freedom to explore their imagination with a variety of materials used for expression.

Music and Creative Movement
The creative music, movement and dramatic programs are an ongoing flexible process that integrates into the program. Children sing songs; play instruments like bells and beat percussion instruments just to name a few.

Science and Nature
In science, the children’s natural curiosity is stimulated through discovery projects and experiments, helping the children draw their own conclusion. Plants and animals are studied to foster a love and appreciation for living things.

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