Infants are constantly growing, learning, and changing, which makes these early years critical in developing the tools and skills of learning. That’s why Eagles Nest Montessori goes beyond what a daycare can offer and supports infants in absorbing the world around them in true Montessori fashion.

Eagles Nest Montessori provides an environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging, and emotionally nurturing. Our teachers are kind, respectful and wise, and constantly mindful of the sounds children hear and the sights they observe. We do this with:

  • A daily schedule based on the needs of the infants, each of whom may have different feeding and sleeping schedule
  • Because infants thrive with stability, our classrooms have a consistent routine with the same staff each day.
  • We also set clearly defined limits and expectations in order to create a positive discipline model.
  • By providing time for uninterrupted discovery and development, as well as freedom to explore and interact with each other, Eagles Nest Montessori staff lovingly guides our infants to be initiators, explorers and self-learners.
  • Discrimination of Color – Teddy bear color matching
  • Discrimination of Shape – Shape box; develops spatial reasoning
  • Discrimination of Sound – Sound cylinders; develops auditory discrimination and voice recognition
  • Discrimination of Touch – Texture balls and rough and smooth board

    • Gross-motor coordination activities supported by stairs and a platform, movement mat, pushcart and wall bars.
    • Eye-hand coordination activities using fine-motor coordination materials such as mobiles, rattles and objects to grasp.
    • Activities that include threading, bead-stringing, placing cubes on pegs, putting puzzles together, folding and other practical life exercises.
    • They sing together and listen to nursery rhymes.
    • They experiment with their voices by imitating sounds as they grow.
    • We’re careful to communicate as infants grow — to “listen” and “talk” with them.

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