“Education demands then, only this: the utilization of the inner powers of the child for his own instruction.” — Maria Montessori

  • Students construct words with a movable alphabet, then proceed at their own pace to begin reading.
  • Using phonics skills to tackle new words, books become a source of exploration.
  • Games introduce students to grammar.
  • Math – We present children with a binomial cube that helps them learn discrimination of color and size and builds a foundation for future understanding of polynomials and volume.
  • Language Arts – Children are constantly matching concepts such as color and shape to objects to build and grow vocabulary. They also learn to identify consonants and vowels, and begin learning to write through color and texture exercises.
  • Science – Color discrimination is used to help children identify different parts and concepts of individual animals.
  • Geography – Touch discrimination is used to help children distinguish between water and land, and later colors are used to help children discriminate between continents, then countries.
  • Study the plant and animal kingdoms
  • Develop a love and appreciation for all living things
  • Use sensorial exercises focusing on color, touch and auditory discrimination to better understand the living world around them.

There is no single measure of intelligence. Children develop and nurture their own brand of intelligence and Montessori education respects that individuality in ways traditional education cannot. Once freed from stress, given room and encouragement to explore, and introduced to resources needed to do so, children can flourish. This is our goal here at Eagles Nest Montessori. We believe that tapping into the gifts that are already bestowed in each child and loving them as they learn to love learning; we can impact our communities as a whole. “Yes They Can” is our motto for fostering that change.

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