Our Director

From the very moment I submitted that resignation letter, I knew God had purpose on my life as it pertained to children. I had no clue back then that we would be where we are today. The one thing I did realize was that walking in His purpose for my life was not an option. Every day that I have attached myself to this purpose here at Eagles Nest, it has never been like work to me. It is truly an honor and privilege to deposit into the young minds and souls the things that will carry them for the rest of their lives. My initial prayer was “Lord Bless us so that we can be a Blessing to others.” I pray that everyone who has already graced Eagles Nest Montessori can affirm this as well as those who in the future will get the opportunity to become a part of our family.

From September of 1997 up until the present date, Eagles Nest Montessori has been in full operation, teaching children the curriculum, creating a nurturing and positive learning environment. The core purpose, foundation and principle values of the school were being established at the very beginning. To this end, we wanted to offer parents a clean safe haven where their children could develop mentally, socially and physically utilizing the Montessori teaching techniques and philosophies. The most important goal was to foster a loving, family oriented environment that allowed children to love learning at their various abilities. Having this in mind, the children began performing academically at an extremely high level. Many of them have left or graduated our program excelling as they transition into various school systems out performing many of their peers in the same grade level.

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